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Queen Elizabeth Just Made It Impossible For Meghan Markle To Enjoy The Life She Once Had. Now, She Has No Choice But to Adapt

July 27, 2018

Megan Markle has officially been a part of the royal family for three months. In just shy of 100 days, the new Duchess of Sussex has appeared to step into the role of royalty with grace and gumption. As a former actress, Megan was used to following rules and direction. But when it came to her personal life, she was a rather free spirit. Since becoming a part of the Royal Family, that free spirit has had to work around Royal protocols.

Before Royalty, Meghan celebrated life to the fullest; well she wasn’t working on her hit television series, Suits, she was traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. Whether she was at the beach, creating extravagant meals in her Toronto kitchen, or traveling through ancient cities, one thing was clear: Megan Markle liked for the adventurous life!

When she met Prince Harry in 2016, she had no idea that only two years later she would be his wife and a member of the worlds most famous an iconic family: the British Royal Family.

Shortly after Harry and Megan‘s relationship went public, Megan had to make major adjustments to her lifestyle. She could no longer freely post what she wanted on social media. She also had a blog called “The Tig” that she later had to take down indefinitely. Before she was even a part of the Royal Family, she was learning the rules and protocols.

The world has witnessed Megan transitioned from American commoner to British royalty and the journey has been one thing: mesmerizing. She’s found herself in iconic moments in history; moments that will forever be remembered as groundbreaking and momentous- but she’s also found herself adapting to rule after rule.

Clearly, Meghan’s “yes” to Harry have come with several new opportunities and changes. Recently, she just learned that she’ll have to adapt to the Queen’s preferences again- this time in the kitchen.

Meghan has always had a love affair with cooking. Prior to becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan traveled the world in hopes of discovering new and exciting dishes. Some of her favorite dishes included garlic, potatoes, and of course- pasta. When Meghan said “yes” to Harry, the thought of giving up those foods probably never crossed her mind…

The Sun just shared that Queen Elizabeth as just requested all pasta be completely removed from Royal menus because pasta is such heavy food. Garlic and potatoes have always been banned from Royal menus as Royals don’t like the smell of it. However, Meghan adores garlic and has described potatoes of “filthy, sexy mush.” Now, her love affair with these staples can’t exist- especially in the presence of the Queen.

Oh, how things have changed for foodie Meghan. What do you think of the Duchess of Sussex journey into royalty? Let us know in the comment section on Facebook!


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