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Amid Non-Stop Bashing From Media, Meghan Markle Is Boldly Defended By Unsuspecting Celeb And Her Words Instantly Silence Critics

April 12, 2019

Meghan just cannot seem to catch a break these days. When it comes to the media, there seems to be nothing off limits regarding her.


From her wardrobe to her birthing style, she’s been raked over the coals one way and another. It’s no wonder that she’s wanted to pull away from the limelight and keep the arrival of her little one so private. Who would blame her?


Thankfully, amid all the hate-filled comments and overly-opinionated people of the internet, several of Meghan’s biggest supporters have stepped to the plate to publicly defend her. Just when she likely thought she would never hear the end of it all, she was instantly reminded that her friends were there all along.


Gayle King has made it no secret that she and the Duchess have been close friends for years on end. Shortly after Oprah Winfrey made the decision to boldly come forward in backing up Meghan’s character, stating that she was an incredibly sweet person with a loving heart, Gayle followed in her footsteps in doing the same.


She spoke with a news source not long after attending Meghan’s supposedly private but not-so-private NYC baby shower. She let the media know that enough is enough in the most tactful way possible. “I don’t think she’s being treated fairly, I don’t. I think she is sweet, she is loving, she is kind. She’s extremely generous with her time and her spirit, and I wish we heard more about that,” she said.


She even went further to discuss how Meghan is holding up despite all the media nonsense. “Meghan is doing okay. She’s doing alright. We don’t have to worry about Meghan Markle and Harry. They’re really going to be just fine.”


She then chose to throw in her two-cents on Meghan’s choice in keeping the birth more private and deliberately straying away from royal norms. “I think the beauty of what Harry and Meghan can do because it’s highly unlikely he will be king, they can really live a different kind of life.”


“They’re still part of the royal family, they love being part of the royal family and all that comes with that, but I think it also gives them breathing room for things that aren’t traditional. Listen, nothing about their relationship is traditional, and I think that’s a great thing,” she finished.


What do you think about her words? Do you think she was right in standing up for her friend?

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