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Gender-Reveal Takes A Diabolical Twist Leaving Shocked Guests In Utter Disbelief

April 06, 2018

Gender-reveal parties are all the rage these days, and some folks are growing tired of the elaborate lengths couples go to in order to build the tension and keep family members on the edge of their seats. With fresh ideas running short, some duos are resorting to playing tricks on the unsuspecting guests, deliberately misleading everyone just so they can prolong the suspense just a little bit longer.

One couple, who are already the proud parents of two adorable little girls, prepare to divulge the well-kept secret, one that most parents are not privy to before the official reveal, by cutting into a cute pink and blue decorated cake.

Everyone in the room is filled with anticipation as the mother-to-be hesitates with the knife duties, exclaiming, "I'm so nervous, you guys!"

As the crowd prepares their cameras for the momentous occasion, a few comments are lobbed back and forth, "Maybe it's half-pink and half-blue" and "Maybe they're twins, a boy, and a girl." But Mama has the most diplomatic and astute remark of all, "Whatever it is, a healthy baby is all that matters." Amen!

Finally, after the pair musters up the courage and all the cameras are at the ready, they both grasp the handle of the knife and make the first incision into the prescient pastry, the only thing in the room with the answer that everyone is dying to know.

Once the knife makes its way all the way through, the mom is the one to break the news as she gazes upon the residue on the instrument that determined the future of their family, "It's a girl, guys."

The disappointment in the room is palpable. Clearly hoping for a boy, the audience cannot restrain themselves from uttering sounds of defeat.

But only for a moment. Soon the crowd erupts into applause and gracious words of "Congratulations!" Even the grandma-to-be standing next to her daughter comes around after the brief moment of shock wears off. She claps her hands politely, if not enthusiastically, at the news - a real good sport.

Then something different happens. Both parents, obviously overcome with the excitement of the emotional event, start to complain about how hot is in the room.

Before you know it both the mom - and then the dad - doff their bulky sweaters in favor of the lighter t-shirts underneath.

It takes a moment to realize what the wording on the shirts says, but after doing a double take, the crowd begins to realize they have been had! But no one is complaining! The message is crystal clear. Family and friends have been the victims of a diabolical yet hilarious dirty trick.

After all, they only said it would be a "gender-reveal." No one promised that the CAKE would be the item to broadcast the news! And look at how happy Grandma is!! Well done, guys. Well done!!

To witness for yourself this fiendish "bait-and-switch," watch the video, below.


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