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Mega-Star And Honored Guest At Royal Wedding Thrown From Motorcycle At 60 MPH; Loved Ones Are Praying For A Miracle

July 10, 2018

Hearts break around the world as beloved Hollywood star George Clooney gets rushed to the hospital after a major accident in Italy.

Clooney was driving his motorcycle along a Sardinia road when a car swerved suddenly swerved out in front of him. Clooney attempted to stir clear of the car but his motorcycle slammed headfirst into the car.

TMZ reports that sources who witnessed the crash saw George Clooney’s head take the brunt of the impact on himself when his head hit the windshield. Clooney was driving more than 60 mph when he flew off his bike; his head hit the windshield with so much force that the windshield cracked!

After hitting his head and breaking the windshield and his helmet, Clooney flew more than 20 feet in the air! Clooney was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital in an ambulance.

George Clooney, who is a close fan of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and attended their wedding in May with his wife, Amal. The two have two children together.

Please pray for George as he is recovering and please pray for his family is who is hoping for a miracle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are surely praying for their friend and his family as well.

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