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Comedian’s Anti-Trump Stunt Backfires As Outraged Americans Call For His Arrest Over Disgusting Act

July 13, 2018

Being President of the United States is not an easy job. Not only are you on call 24/7, but detractors crawl out from every corner to disparage the things you do. Donald Trump has learned this sad fact all-too-well during his short tenure as the 45th President of the United States.

Every day it seems as though the President’s detractors sink to a whole new level of depravity. There was the brazen comedienne posing with an effigy of Donald Trump’s severed head and protesters flying a ‘baby Trump’ balloon over London to humiliate Mr. Trump during his historic trip to Britain.

Now, another well-known celebrity from the entertainment field has made a completely classless move at the site of Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With a water bottle carefully camouflaged between the legs of his trousers, comedian George Lopez simulated the act of urination on top of the President of the United State’s iconic award.

He may have thought it was just a joke, but now he is feeling the heat from his tacky, disrespectful display.

The LAPD has received numerous complaints about the act - calling it vandalism - and concerned citizens are determined to make sure the perpetrator faces prosecution for his disgusting actions.

According to TMZ, the complaints are coming from appalled citizens far-and-wide, who describe the shameful act as “sick, deplorable, offensive, and disrespectful.”

Some people who did not notice that he was not really relieving himself, are even calling for the comedian to be arrested for indecent exposure.

Time will tell if the LAPD is going to take these complaints seriously, or if they are going to chalk it up to ‘artistic expression’ as a way to excuse the disgraceful behavior of their golden boys (and girls) of Hollywood. Either way, one thing is for sure. Such disgusting and classless acts only reflect poorly on our citizens and give new meaning to the term 'Ugly American.'

To see the infantile display for yourself, watch the video, below.


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