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Georgia Was Locked In A Closet Until Police Found Her. Now, She’s Living Life To The Fullest

November 07, 2017

Georgia is a three-year-old, gorgeous, red-and-white Pit Bull who lives with her adoring family in New York. Georgia loves to lounge around the house, curling up on the couch with her doting parents. She loves to go on long walks, showing off her adorable bandanas! This friendly pup firmly believes that people were put on Earth to pet her!

Georgia is a beloved family pet now, but her life wasn’t always so. The first two years of Georgia’s life found her in her own personal hell. She was being used for breeding, forced to bear litter after litter of puppies to sell for profit. As the owners were interested in only the money they got from the puppies, they didn’t care who the puppies went home with.

Georgia’s horror was discovered when the police received a call about domestic abuse and arrived at her house. They found her trapped inside a closet, where it was likely that she had been kept. Luckily for her, she was removed from the home and given the opportunity to move forward with life.

When Georgia was brought to the animal shelter, she was still at risk because she had to wait for a forever home to come around. As time passed, the odds of her finding a home grew slimmer and slimmer, until Sean Casey Animal Rescue stepped in to pull her from the shelter. It wasn’t long before Sean Casey Animal Rescue found her the perfect forever home!

Ever since her adoption, Georgia has been living the best life a canine could ever hope to have! She loves to go on hikes, smelling all the new scents that waft through the air. She adores spending time at the beach, splashing in the waves and racing along the sand. When her family isn’t home, she gets visited by a local dog-walker with whom she loves to spend her time. The first few years of Georgia’s life may have been spent in a closet, but now she’s making up for lost time!

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