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German Shepherd Won't Stop Barking In Neighbor’s Front Yard. When Her Owner Sees What's Wrong, He Can't Hold Back The Laughter

October 05, 2017

Our canine companions tend to be braver than we give them credit for. They are often prepared to jump into danger at a second’s notice. There are other dogs, however, that would rather stay well away from trouble or, at least, what they think is trouble. Take, for instance, this German Shepherd that keeps going over to the neighbor's yard and barking all day. There must be danger nearby, right? Well, not exactly.

Ella is out for a walk one afternoon, enjoying the cooler weather of October. Ella and her owner are just about home when the dog decides to make a stop in the neighbor's yard to investigate a rather odd bunch of characters. Ella immediately starts barking at the spooky intruders, and her owner can't help but giggle at the dog's distress. You see, the intruders on the neighbor's lawn were placed there on purpose.

We all know that with October comes Halloween, and with Halloween comes scary lawn decorations. No one told this to Ella, apparently, because she keeps barking at the inflatable ghosts in front of her. She attempts to bite one of them but retreats, content to simply make her opinion of the ghouls quite clear with her vocal protest. I guess Ella won't be going to any Halloween parties anytime soon! Watch the video, below, to see the ridiculous encounter.

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