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Gershwin Was Abandoned In The Desert For Two Months Until Rescuers Could Step In

February 01, 2018

Hope For Paws is an animal rescue that is known for taking on some of the harder cases. They refuse to give up when a dog needs their help, and they’ll do everything they can to make sure that the dog gets the help it needs. One of their more recent rescues involved a sweet and loving dog named Gershwin.

Hope For Paws volunteers Loreta and Eldad were the two heroes who answered the call to save this wonderful pup, and we’re so glad they were able to help. Gershwin had been living alone at a truck stop in the desert without access to food, let alone water, for two months by the time they were called. The 110-pound dog was scared, hurt, and surely would not have lasted much longer without help.

When they arrived, they tried to catch him in the shade behind the building, but it was clear that Gershwin was very much afraid of Eldad. Eldad made the decision to help Gershwin the best way he could, by waiting in the car while Loreta worked to save him. Eventually, Gershwin settled down in the grass, underneath the shade of a large sign.

Slowly, Loreta gained the massive dog’s trust with the help of a wonderful bribe - cheeseburgers! Eventually, Loreta knew the time had come to make the move. Moving carefully, she slipped the gentle snare around Gershwin’s head, and he tried to take off. He began to drag Loreta around, as she was no match for the heavyweight.

Eldad raced up and was able to get another gentle snare on Gershwin, trapping him between the two. It took Gershwin a few minutes to calm down again, and they then led him to their car. They loaded him up into their car and turned on the air conditioning. For the first time in two months, Gershwin was truly safe.

Back at the veterinarian’s office, Gershwin was treated to a nice warm bath and a vet checkup. They discovered that he had a serious infection in his shoulder, and they had no choice but to put a drain into the infection until he could heal up. Then, Gershwin was finally able to go on to a loving foster home through the Los Angeles Animal Rescue. Gershwin now spends his days running and playing with canine friends, living the life he was always meant to.