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Giant Elephant Chases Cyclist Off Road, When He Looks Back And Sees The Reason Why, He Can't Even Be Upset

August 23, 2017

From the time I was young, I have always had a fascination with elephants. Their vast size alone is enough to take your breath away. Elephants are also admired because of their capacity for empathy and their almost human like desire and need for companionship. Although they are beautiful, elephants are better admired from a far most of the time. Again, because of their size, they can be quite intimidating, especially when their family is threatened. Quite a few people in their vehicles learned this lesson one day when a giant elephant decided to hold up traffic.

One afternoon, on a busy road near Gorumara National Park, traffic came to an unexpected and screeching halt. People got out of their cars to see what the hold up was and what they saw took their breath away. A gigantic elephant had made her way onto the road and was running down the road in pursuit of a man on a bicycle. The man peddled as fast as he could as the elephant came after him and, eventually, the elephant gave up the chase and started to walk back to the spot that she came from. The elephant was heading towards the cars now and some of them tried to turn around or back up, in hopes of escaping the disgruntled elephant. Then, all at once, everyone saw why the elephant had cleared such a wide path on the road.

As the people looked on, five more elephants, three of which were babies, came charging out of the trees on the side of the road. The first elephant was obviously the mother and all she wanted to do was make sure her family had enough room to cross the street. She hadn't been upset at all. If anything she had not only protected her family, she had protected the cyclist and the people in their vehicles from being squashed. The man on the bicycle may have been scared before but as he looked on, he was probably grateful to the mother elephant for chasing him out of the way. Watch the video below to see the absolutely incredible encounter.

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