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Girl Adopts Her First Dog And The Transformation Pics Will Make You Cry

August 31, 2017

It's so hard for me to go into shelters and see all the animals in cages waiting to be adopted. I wish I could just take them all home with me. Recently, I took my friend's 11-year-old daughter with me to visit a shelter, as she had been begging me to do for many weeks. We arrived at our local shelter and our first stop was the cat area. She had been begging her parents for a kitten so I had to remind her, walking in, that we were there to just look, not take. But, inevitably, she found the one she wanted; she named her, and even had me take pictures of her with the kitten. She begged me to take the adorable kitten home, but I had to be strong, against all odds, and say a big "NO!"

But that is not what happened to one young girl, who did not leave empty handed after visiting a shelter. She arrived at the shelter to find a dog she couldn't turn away from. Many people had passed him by and not one had given him a single chance until she came along. 

The online posts of this dog's transformation have gone viral. We love how the young lady chose to adopt a pet from a shelter instead of buying one somewhere else. She shared the dog’s photos before and after his adoption. The transformation of this once unwanted dog is astounding.

You can tell he is extremely happy. He is one lucky pup that the young girl took a chance on him. Her love for him not only transformed his life, but also his personality. If you are wanting a dog or a cat, check out your local animal shelter and see if there is a special guy, like this one, waiting for you.

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