Girl Confesses To An "Officer" That She Stole 4 Cupcakes From The Kitchen And Then Takes Off Running. Watch This Hilarious Foot Pursuit All Caught On Body-Cam

September 08, 2017

Kids love to play make-believe. They love pretending to be something or someone in the future. Playing roles such as cops and robbers is a classic kid game, but this dad and daughter duo take it to the next level.

The "officer," AKA dad, asks the "suspect," AKA the daughter, if she is aware of the crime that has taken place. The crime? Several cupcakes have recently disappeared from the kitchen. The little girl admits to the crime and adds that she has taken four of said-cupcakes. Officer Dad tells her she is under arrest. With that pronouncement, the sugar from all those cupcakes starts to take effect and she takes off running.

Dad immediately takes off after the criminal, yelling codes such as “2-22” and calling for back-up. Apparently, stealing cupcakes is a serious offense in this household and also cause for some serious laugh-attacks. Just ask the little girl! I can't get over how adorable this is. Watch the video for yourself, below, and let us know your verdict, guilty or innocent. I, myself, need more evidence!

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