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Package Thief Thinks He’s Hit The Jackpot With Holiday Loot, But After He Opens The Box, He’s Hit With The Shock Of His Life And It’s All Recorded

December 19, 2018

This holiday season, shopping looks very different. In most recent years, consumers are shopping almost entirely online; rather than getting ready for a hectic day in a busy shopping center, one can shop online from their couch and simply wait for their orders to show up on their front porch.

Online shopping has become the new normal, but sadly, it comes with its own set of challenges: package thieves.

Today, if you were to drive down any given neighborhood, it’s likely that you would see multiple packages on the front door of most homes. For thieves, the temptation of free goodies within an arm’s reach has become all-consuming and more often than not, packages are getting stolen from innocent people. That’s why one man decided to do something about it.

The man responsible for teaching package thieves a lesson is none other than former NASA engineer, Mark Rober, who made it his mission to punish those stealing from him. Using highly evolved engineering skills, Mark handcrafted a reactive booby trap that would destroy a thieves urge to ever steal again.

His plan involved four major ingredients: a motor, cameras, fart spray, and glitter.

The package was designed to sit in what looked like an electronic box. The box would be a trigger so that anytime it was opened, four cameras from different angles would capture an explosion of swirling glitter and fart spray.

After creating and documenting his entire process, he placed the box on his front porch and waited for the package thieves to find it. It didn’t take long. To see just what happened, check out the video below. But fair warning- you will cry from laughter. This is brilliant.

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