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Puppy Silenced After Brutal Owners Glued Her Mouth And Eyes Shut- Powerless And Fighting For Her Life, A True Miracle Took Place In An Instant

September 05, 2018

Every once in a while, you come across a story that truly changes the way you see the world. This story will take you on a journey; from heartbreak to anger, to redemption, this is the story of a miraculous pup named Glory.

Rescuers first got a worried call from an onlooker who had first spotted a puppy on the side of the road. At first, the puppy appeared to be perfectly fine. Although abandoned, there wasn’t anything majorly concerning about the pup. But that all changed very quickly…

When rescuers arrived, they realized that the puppy had been brutally beaten; she was badly bruised all around her abdomen, and in a case like never before, her eyes and her mouth were glued shut with a tar-like super glue.

Given the puppy’s wounds on her mouth, she was hardly able to make a sound- the onlooker was shocked that he even spotted her While rescuers were en route, the man comforted the puppy by letting her smell him and by gently petting her. Though she couldn’t see him, she knew she was in the hands of an angel.

A rescue group called Beauties and Beasts responded quickly to the call and in within minutes, they were on scene. They couldn’t believe their eyes; the barely-alive puppy would soon receive the urgent care that she so desperately needed. The staffers originally thought that the puppy had been hit by a vehicle, but after getting a closer look at the glue found within her eyes and mouth, they realized that it was an intentional act of animal cruelty. Their hearts were broken.

Thankfully, with the help of medicine and doctors, they were able to painlessly remove the tar-like super glue in her mouth and in her eyes. Her eyesight was not damaged and she is eating like a superstar. After seeing her remarkable comeback, the team at Beauties and Beasts decided to name this puppy ‘Glory.’ We think the name fits pretty well!

Beauties and Beasts posted a cash reward on Facebook so that anyone that knew who was responsible for this unthinkable act. They also asked for donations in hopes of covering her medical bills and care. In one day, they had raised over $825.

You can donate as well by clicking on this link here and clicking on the “Donate Now” button. See another rescue from Beauties and Beasts below. The organization seeks to care and nurture for the less than fortunate animals. You can follow them on Facebook!

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