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Goat Eyes Tasty Apples Hanging In Tree. After Some Brilliant Thinking, He Reaches Them And It’s The Most Hysterical Thing You’ll Ever See

February 27, 2018

It’s an undeniable fact that life is infinitely better with friends. They have a way of making every day better simply by their presence. They stand by our side through the good times and the bad, loving us every step of the way.

The really good friends take it a step further. They help you reach goals you never thought were possible! This rings true for one furry pair of farm besties and paints a perfect picture of what friendship looks like.

One sunny day, a goat and her best pal, the donkey, were nibbling around on the grass in the pasture. The goat happened to spot some juicy, ripe crab apples hanging from a tall tree above. Her mouth began to water at the thought of sinking her teeth into them!

After a little bit of plotting, dreaming, and scheming with the donkey, they devised a brilliant idea on how to make this dream a reality. Thankfully, their owner spotted the whole interaction, and it’s better than you could ever imagine! Take a look at the video, below, to see just what went down.


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