Goat Meets Puppy For The First Time, Within Seconds She Says Hello In The Most Ridiculous Way Possible

August 02, 2017

Animals tend to put humans to shame when it comes to making new friends. Especially when the animals in question are completely different from one another. People are a bit hesitant when it comes to meeting new people, whereas animals seem to have no such reservations. This definitely seemed to be the case when it came to a goat named Pipsqueak. The little pygmy goat got to meet some new friends one afternoon but her greeting was a little less than traditional but no less adorable.

When Pipsqueak heard that her family was adding a litter of puppies to the household, she was more than a little excited. She was kept outside for a bit while the family brought the puppies into the house and the whole time she could hardly contain her anticipation. Finally, the door was opened and the little goat came face to face with the puppies. They were all so cute and adorable and Pipsqueak couldn't decide which one to greet first. Then, one of the puppies came closer so he could decide just what exactly Pipsqueak was.

The little puppy came nose to nose with the little goat and Pipsqueak said hello in the only way she knew how to. With a headbutt! Goats are keen to headbutt each other in order to initiate play time but, apparently, no one told the little puppies that. All of the puppies huddled together watching the little goat jump all over the place. They weren't too keen to say hello in that way again. The little puppies soon fell asleep and, even though the first greeting didn't go the best, Pipsqueak was so excited to have new siblings to look after. Watch the video below to see the adorable first encounter.

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