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Golden Retriever Abandoned In A Dumpster And Left For Dead. After Being Rescued And Having All 4 Limbs Amputated, Chi Chi Is Now A World-Renowned Military Therapy Dog

October 24, 2017

Chi Chi the Golden Retriever has taken the world by storm with her kind eyes, sweet smile, and unconditional love toward others. Looking at her now, you’d never think that she came from such tragedy but, as we’ve come to find out, things aren’t always what they seem. Chi Chi’s life is one of terror, rescue, and hope.

Chi Chi’s life started tragically when she was born to abusive owners in South Korea. After years of being mistreated and neglected, she was finally abandoned in a trash can in a downtown city. Thankfully, someone heard some rustling in the dumpster and, when they looked inside, they were shocked. Horrified, they called animal rescuers.


When the rescuers arrived, they were stunned at what they saw; Chi Chi was in a trash bag with her legs bound together with wire. They wasted no time in removing her from the dumpster and immediately transported her to a veterinary clinic. In spite of their best efforts, the doctors were unable to save her badly injured legs; she would later go into surgery to have all four of them amputated.


After the surgery, Chi Chi received the care and treatment that she needed. Vet techs noticed that Chi Chi was recovering from her surgery with significant spunk and zest. Typically, a traumatic past can influence an animal’s life tremendously, however, Chi Chi was exuding so much joy that rescuers were beside themselves. Due to her truly remarkable recovery, the rescuers shared her journey online, in hopes of encouraging those who had been through heartache.


Chi Chi’s recovery went viral when one family decided that they needed to meet the dog that defied all odds. The Howell Family went on to adopt Chi Chi and just days later, she was on a plane to Arizona. Chi Chi immediately fell in love with her new owners Elizabeth and Megan. However, she took a little bit of time warming up to her male owner, Richard. In time, though, she learned to trust him as well, and they became inseparable.


After settling into her new life, Chi Chi’s family got connected with a prosthetics expert that specializes in animals. Since their introduction, Chi Chi has been fitted with four prosthetics - one for each of her stumps. Every day, Richard puts the prosthetics on Chi Chi and lets her live her life as a fun and carefree pup.


With her newest additions, she is able to run, play, and even swim with other dogs. Clearly, there is nothing that can stand in the way of Chi Chi! She is truly living her life to the fullest!


Over the last year, Chi Chi has been in the process of becoming a Therapy Dog. She specializes in comforting amputees, specifically military veterans. When vets hear Chi Chi’s story and then meet her, they’re overwhelmed. One man said, ”If Chi Chi can love her life with four amputations, I can love my life with one.”


Chi Chi’s story is truly one of resilience, hope, and living life to the fullest. Every day, people see her ambition, her decision to choose joy, and the ability to forgive others. She demonstrates how a positive attitude can have a huge impact on one’s ability to recover from unfortunate circumstances, and to go on to have a rich and thriving life.

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