Golden Retriever Encounters Two Horses. Their Response Is Surprising!

October 02, 2017

It's a beautiful day at a nearby park where a few people are enjoying their mornings, just sitting around and soaking in the peaceful view. They are surrounded by a beautiful setting, all the while listening to the sweet sounds of birds chirping in the distance. It's the perfect relaxing scenario.

Within a split second, a Golden Retriever enters the scene. Right away you can tell something has caught this dog’s interest - two grazing horses who are also enjoying their beautiful morning. Being a friendly, loving canine, he assumes they've come to play. Minding their own business, the two horses remain on their path of eating, walking, and enjoying each other’s company, all the while completely ignoring the fun-loving canine who is bouncing and running alongside them, trying to win their attention.

After giving it his all, this Golden realizes that nothing seems to be working. At this point, the dog stops trying to impress the two horses and allows them to continue on their merry way. I'm sure we can all relate to this pup and the impressive efforts he's putting forth to win the attention of a stranger. Sometimes it pays off, and other times you just gotta let it go. This sweet canine decides to move on and put forth his efforts elsewhere. Watching the dog's energy in this video is cute and bound to make you laugh.

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