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Golden Retriever Falls Through Ice And Has No Way To Escape. Watch How Firefighters Respond To This Helpless Canine!

October 03, 2017

It’s a beautiful December afternoon and Crosby, a five-year-old Golden Retriever, is enjoying a brisk walk, surrounded by beautiful trees, the peaceful wilderness, and the icy Charles River. At some point, Crosby falls through the ice and finds himself in the freezing water with no way to escape. I can imagine this event would be an owner's worst nightmare. With water that cold and no equipment to assist their beloved canine they immediately call 911 for help, and this is where the incredible story begins!

After receiving the frantic 911 call, dispatch uses the caller's cell phone GPS to pinpoint their location. Arriving at the scene, firefighters and police officers spot the struggling canine a few hundred feet offshore. One firefighter quickly dons a cold water survival suit and heads straight for Crosby, breaking ice all along the way. When the rescuer finally makes contact with the struggling canine, he begins leading him to shore. The dog does not come willingly, so an additional firefighter suits up to help with the brave rescue. Firefighters and police officers who have remained on shore begin pulling the heroic rescue team with ropes.

Wellesley firefighters and police officers work as a team to free the frightened pup from his frigid bath, leaving Crosby safe and sound and reunited with his grateful mother. It's an extraordinary rescue that you need to witness for yourself!

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