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Good Samaritans Race Clock To Save Terrified Little Pup - Dangling From 3rd Floor Balcony - From Plunging To Certain Death Below

April 19, 2018

Onlookers went from horror to elation in a matter of seconds after watching the agonizing scene unfold. Imagine the feeling of helplessness they must have harbored when looking up at the precious little pup, clinging desperately to the slender railings of an apartment balcony.

If that weren’t bad enough, the balcony was at least 30 feet in the air…and the sweet canine was in the most precarious of positions: he was hanging upside down, face-first, with only his hind legs to keep him from falling!

Losing strength by the moment. I can only imagine what must have gone through the four-legged fellow’s mind as he stared at the hard concrete, three stories below.

He had to have been desperate for any glimmer of hope and must have wondered if the humans down below were going to do anything to relieve him from his agony. It’s amazing that the pooch was able to hang on long enough for the bystanders to come up with a plan of action - the only thing standing between the dangling doggy and certain death.

Witness Frank Ellison had just pulled his car into the parking lot of the Trio Encore Apartment Complex when he looked up and spotted the tragedy that was unfolding. He could not believe what he was seeing.

One thing was certain, though, he knew he had to act fast or the dog would be a goner. He immediately phoned his grandmother, Terlisa Perry, while other bystanders called the police.

By the time Perry arrived at the scene, her grandson Frank, two off-duty police officers, and several other witnesses had taken ahold of the sheet and stationed themselves right beneath the struggling canine’s perch 30 feet above them.

Then, all they could do was wait. It would be only a matter of time before the defenseless doggy ran out of strength and let go of his grip.

They waited…and waited. It seemed as though the pup was not going to give up as long as he still had breath in his body. But then it happened. Whether the little guy lost his grasp of the railing, or he finally decided to take a leap of faith, but down he came, his life now in the hands of the brave men holding the sheet.

And the heroes below did not let him down. They were ready for him when, after 35-40 minutes of waiting, he took his dive from the balcony. They caught him safely and without a bit of injury to the little fellow.

We’re so thankful that these heroes knew what to do and had the patience and determination to be the miracle that was needed, and to make sure the petrified pup made a safe landing.

To see the harrowing rescue operation for yourself, watch the video, below.


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