Goofy Husky Isn’t Quite Sure What To Make Of A Talking Toy In Hysterical Video

February 13, 2018

Max is a gorgeous black-and-white Siberian Husky who lives with his adoring family, where he definitely lives the good life. Much like other Huskies, he loves to spend his days treating them to their very own concert or racing around and being a rambunctious pup.

One thing Max definitely doesn’t like, though, is his owner's new toy! When they brought in their new talking Furby, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of the small furry object.

He began to bark the alarm, wanting everyone nearby to know that there was something new and weird in his living room, and it definitely didn’t belong. When that didn’t work, he realized he was going to have to take care of this himself.

As he circled the Furby, he tried to get it to move and play with him. It merely stayed still, speaking occasionally and moving its ears and beak, almost mocking the curious and nervous Max.

He approached it, sniffing it warily, only to jump back as it began to talk and move its ears again! Max began to bark again, hoping that this time his family would take heed that there was something new and not right in their house!

Eventually, he began to realize that his family thought it was okay and that, even though he disagreed, they wanted it here. He decided that his best course of action was to keep an eye on the mysterious thing, so he lay down a few feet from it and kept his gaze on the clearly unnatural toy that his family was determined to keep against his advice.