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Goofy Raccoon Shows Off Her Bicycle Riding Skills To The Amazement Of People Everywhere

February 12, 2018

There are some things that we expect to find as trained tricks from our pets, such as "sit," "down," or "stay." There are some pets who love to take that to new levels, and they perform wonderful tricks like retrieving drinks or playing dead in hysterical ways.

One little raccoon named Melanie was determined to show them all how it’s done! With hard work, she carefully learned how to ride a bicycle!

Melanie’s adoring parents had gotten her her very own little bicycle, made just for her. It has two little training wheels and the bicycle handles have been extended, making it a much more enjoyable ride for the little critter!

Melanie is more than happy to climb on top of her red bicycle and place her feet on the modified pedals. She’s quite great at riding her bike and always finds it easy to ride across the room without hesitation.