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Gorgeous Parrot’s Response To His Tummy Being Grabbed Is The Most Hysterical Thing You’ll Ever See

February 26, 2018

Kanji is a gorgeous African Gray parrot who lives with his adoring owners, where he is one of the family. Kanji, like most parrots, is a master of sounds and is always coming out with new sounds and tricks that surprise his family every time! One of his more recent tricks is one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen.

Kanji has surely seen his fair share of squeaky toys, and he can’t get enough of them! With their little squeak, it’s not hard to see why he falls head over heels in love with every time! When his owners reached out to gently tickle his stomach, he let out a squeak just like his favorite toy!

Every time that someone reaches out to lightly squeeze him, he mimics his favorite toy! It’s quite clear that this is one smart little bird, and he’s definitely got a good sense of humor. Everyone who sees his adorable new trick can’t hold back their smile, and we definitely can’t either!