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Grandmother, 81, Hears Cry For Help From Grandkids After 2 Lethal Creatures Take Over BBQ- What She Does Next Will Leave You Stunned

August 31, 2018

Jackson Wright and his father were outside enjoying some time on the patio when something caught their attention. From the corner of their eye, they saw what they feared was a snake slithering into their BBQ grill. As they watched in horror, the snake made its way into the covered grill.

Fearful for what might happen if they tried to remove the snake, they called for backup. But the men didn’t call for first responders who were trained in catching poisonous reptiles. Instead, they called for a family member who had cleared out a pesky snake once before.

81-year-old Faye Morgan, lovingly called Granny, came outside to see what her boys were fretting about. Knowing they needed help, she bravely stepped in to see what all the fuss was about.

Granny walked over to the BBQ grill and noticed some movement from under the hood. After starring at the grill for a moment, she slowly began lifting the hood…

What she saw was so much more than anyone had imagined; inside the hood of the grill were two pythons!

Granny lifted the hood slowly while the pythons wrapped around the grill. As Granny raised the hood, the pythons moved towards the back of the grill. Granny strategized the best way to get them out.

Without any fear, she studied their movement carefully. Next, she grabbed the tail of the smaller python in her right hand. Then, without any hesitation, she quickly reached for its head. The snake immediately attempted to wrap around Granny’s arm, but she had a firm grip on the snake’s weak spots.

She yanked the snake from the grill and threw it into a container where she Jackson quickly closed the lid. Without any fear, Granny turned towards the second and much larger snake that was still on the grill.

The second python was much larger than the first. Granny watched it slither and then struck at once. With its tail in one hand and its head in the other’s, he grabbed the snake with great force. This time, the snake tried to fight back, but Granny had no fear as she held the snake in her tight grip. Jackson took the lid off of the container and she threw it into the same bin as the other snake.

Truly, this grandmother is a superhero! I don’t know many people that would choose to rip two pythons from an enclosed BBQ grill. What do you think about this grandmother’s courage and strength? Pretty incredible, huh?! Check out the full video below!

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