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Gravely Ill Chimp ‘Mama’ Lays Heartbroken In Her Final Days. One Man Stops At Everything To Lift Her Spirits And Her Reaction Is Heart Melting

February 28, 2018

Mama was very sick, very tired, and very depressed. At 59 years old, this female chimpanzee was feeling the frailty of her old age. Doctors new her final days were coming so they had hoped to make them as painless and as smooth as possible.

Mama was too tired to eat or take medicine. While her pain rose and her body weakened, doctors efforts were useless. The tried everything they could to make her comfortable, but Mama lay there, heartbroken and tragically ill.

That’s when one man made it is his mission to make Mama comfortable. He knew that there was hope for her to final days, and he stopped at nothing to bring her joy.

His name is Jan van Hooff. Van Hooff is a Dutch biologist that has devoted his life to researching the psychology of primates.

Van Hooff first met Mama when she was just 15 years old in 1972. The two shared an inseparable bond from the beginning that grew stronger over time. Each visit, van Hooff and Mama’s friendship would rekindle and develop into something that was more beautiful, more special, and more friendlier than the last.

That’s why when van Hooff learned of his friend’s illness, he did everything he could to remind her of the love they had. She was dying and tired but he knew exactly how to cheer her up. Van Hooff walked over to Mama and as soon as she caught wind of his scent, she turned into a different animal!

He began petting her arm when Mama took the snack from his hands. It was the first time she had eaten in days. When she looked up and her eyes met his, she did something unthinkable!

Watch the incredible heartwarming video below to see how true love can transform the broken-hearted! This is truly special...


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