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Great Dane Loves To Play On His Giant Waterbed

February 07, 2018

Pool covers can be a horrifyingly dangerous thing to both kids and pets, as they often try to wander across them and then become trapped. That’s what led to the invention of what is called a safety cover, which keeps everyone safe from drowning!

One adorable gray Great Dane named Nessie absolutely loves that her family bought a safety cover. With the cover on the pool, it turns into a giant waterbed which is a great big bundle of fun!

Nessie loves to carry her toys out onto the safety cover, under the watchful eyes of her owners of course, and race across the water! The waterbed becomes soft and a great place to just bound around, having a grand old time!

As Nessie bounds around, she leaps high into the air, pouncing back down onto the pale safety cover. With the safety cover around, Nessie was able to have a wonderful time without having to worry about drowning.

With the popularity of safety covers on the rise, more pets and kids will be safe from drowning. Of course, we’re sure that there will be more videos like this, taken by owners who are able to closely supervise their pets while they bound around.