Great Dane Meets Girl With Rare Disorder, Within Days Her Transformation Brought People To Tears

August 03, 2017

The connection that a dog can have with a human never ceases to amaze me. Dogs have an innate ability to sense when their human is in danger or is sad. When a dog senses these things they immediately do everything they can to help their human companion and more often than not they know exactly what to do. This was most certainly the case with a Great Dane named George when he met a little girl named Bella.

Bella was diagnosed with a disorder called Morquio Syndrome. This disorder affected her ability to move properly so she had to use crutches and wheelchairs in order to function. Little Bella was in constant pain and didn't want to deal with the complications of the disorder any longer.

Bella's mom, Rachel, decided to try and cheer her daughter up and took her to volunteer at The Service Dog Project, which was an organization that helped train dogs to become service dogs. Bella was excited to work with all the dogs at the shelter but one dog, in particular, caught her eye above the others. His name was George, a Great Dane.

George was new to the training program but instantly took a liking to Bella. The little girl said, "I knew he needed me, and I needed him." From the day they met, George and Bella were inseparable. The Service Dog Project decided that George would be Bella's permanent service dog and within days, George was helping Bella walk better than she ever had before.

Bella was soon going anywhere and everywhere she wanted with the help of George. From climbing stairs to navigating through stores, Bella was unstoppable with George by her side. The little girl even gained the courage and strength to ride a bike for the first time in her life. Because of all the help George had given her, Bella decided to partner with BrakPost to reward George with his "Best Day Ever."

The day started at a gorgeous hotel and where the George received a hero's welcome and was immediately taken to lunch where he feasted on gourmet hamburgers. George and Bella got an entire ski resort to themselves where they sledded for hours and hours. Then, after going to a massive treat store, George and Bella went back to the hotel to find an encouraging letter addressed to them, on top of toys and a special bed for George to sleep on.

Bella and George were not only best friends, they were each other's reason for living. George's best day ever was amazing but the only thank you the dog ever needed was seeing the smile on Bella's face every time she walked by his side. You would be hard pressed to find a more adorable pair than Bella and her doggie savior George. Watch the video below to see Bella and George's adorable relationship as well as George's best day ever!

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