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Great Danes Are Mesmerized As Horses Play In Water. Moments Later The Dogs' Adorable Reaction Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Horse Play'

September 05, 2017

It is safe to say that dogs are some of the most lovable and loyal animals on the planet. Because of this unfailing loyalty and their amazing adaptability, dogs are suited for a plethora of jobs that other animals would have a difficult time doing. Some dogs are able to help people with disabilities and others are suited to serve in law enforcement. Still other dogs are most helpful when it comes to caring for other animals like the great Danes in this story. Just like all dogs, though, the pups' curiosity gets the better of them sometimes. In this case, it makes for quite the adorable playtime with the horses they are supposed to be guarding.

It is a warm summer day and the two dogs are doing what they do best. Keeping a watchful eye on the four horses that they are tasked with protecting. The dogs don't mind their job. In fact, they love being around the large horses, making sure they are well taken care of. The dogs follow the horses over to the watering hole and, as the horses enter the water for a dip and a drink, the pups stop, in apparent astonishment. It is hard to say exactly why the dogs are so mesmerized, but they simply cannot look away from the horses as they splash around in the water.

The dogs attempt to enter the water several times, only to stop at the water's edge to bark, playfully, at the horses as they romp around in the water. The dogs seem to want to join in the fun but aren't sure if they are allowed to, so they must content themselves by watching their horsey besties enjoy their time in the water. At one point, a small chihuahua enters the frame and attempts to approach the horses as well. The little dog, however, decides the horses are a bit too big to swim with and keeps his distance. The adorable interaction just goes to show that just because the dogs have a job to do, it doesn't mean they can't enjoy themselves along the way. Watch the video, below, to witness the entire encounter.

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