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Greedy, Psychotic Mother-Daughter Duo Resort To Murder During Bizarre Inheritance Battle

March 13, 2018

Deborah Sue Rudibaugh has been arrested in the 2015 death of her son, Jacob Millison, following a rather peculiar murder case. It all started when her second husband, Rudy Rudibaugh, passed away and left his ranch to Deborah, Jacob, and Deborah’s daughter, Stephanie Jackson. The ranch is a gorgeous 700-acre ranch in the Colorado mountains known as the 711 Ranch, and it’s valued at $3 million!

Stephanie Jackson, Jacob’s older sister, had never gotten along with her younger brother. However, things seemed to be working along fine following Rudy’s death in 2009. Stephanie lived and worked on the ranch, running horseback rides on the property. However, she wanted more.

When Jacob disappeared in May of 2015, his friends grew immediately concerned. Mere weeks before, he had told his friends that if something ever happened to him, they should look at his family. When asked about Jacob’s disappearance, she originally told his friends that he had gone on a trip to Denver with some other friends, a two-hour trip. When he never returned, and they learned that he had left his beloved dog, Elmo, and his Harley-Davidson behind, they knew something foul had happened.

As police investigated, they began to question Deborah’s actions. In 2017, police obtained a search warrant to check the property. That was when Deborah confessed to the murder of Jacob. She admitted to sneaking into his room one night as he slept and killing him with a .357 but said she did so because she felt threatened by him. She told them where to find his body, and he was exactly where she said, surrounded by severed sheep heads.

Deborah claims to have committed the murder by herself, but police do not believe that to be true. In fact, they believe she had to have had an accomplice. Jacob had weighed 170 pounds, and Deborah weighed merely 70 pounds, plus she had had gallbladder surgery less than a week before his death.

Police have begun to suspect that things aren’t quite what they seem, and when they found Deborah’s new will, things began to make more sense to them. Prior to Jacob’s death, Deborah had changed her will, leaving the ranch to only Stephanie. With Jacob out of the way, Stephanie would soon inherit the $3 million ranch all by herself, without having to share it with anyone, leaving her with quite a motive.

Stephanie has since been charged with first-degree murder in his death. If Jacob’s friends have any say in the matter, they won’t rest until this has been seen to the very bitter end. They refused to give up and let the case become a cold case.