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Grief-Stricken Great Dane Mourns Loss Of Best Friend. What He Does All Day Will Break Your Heart

April 17, 2018

Max and Katie were a Great Dane duo who had the best life. Owners who loved them dearly, a home to call their own, and best of all - each other! The two had been lifelong pals until tragedy struck and changed everything for this inseparable pair.

Then the unthinkable happened and one half of the pair passed away. When Katie the Great Dane died, her partner, Max was beside himself with grief. Inseparable companions, Max and Katie used to spend every minute of every day together, so when Katie was nowhere to be found one day, Max did not know what to do.

In his mind, his lady friend must have just stepped out for awhile and will surely return any minute. So, in one of the saddest displays you’ll ever see, the giant canine parked himself in front of the front doors so he would be sure to spot Katie the moment she came through the door.

Then everything would be back to normal and the two could carry on with their playing, frolicking, and lounging around together.

It’s almost unbearable to watch the sentinel-like devotion the dog displays, refusing to leave his post no matter what. Max’ owner said that he was so steadfast in his determination to keep watch, that he would not even lie down for his usual nap.

To accommodate her pet’s mourning, she moved the doggy bed in front of the window so Max could be comfortable while he “waited.”

And there he sat. Day after day, hour after hour, not knowing that the thing he most wanted was never going to happen. I cannot imagine the anguish the owner feels as she watches her “baby” go through this.

Unable to explain what happened, she must just sit on the sidelines and wait for the tragic reality to sink in for the heavy-hearted pup.

I always wonder what goes through the minds of an animal when faced with such a situation. Certainly he knows that something has changed, and of course he realizes that he hasn’t seen his playmate in quite some time.

But at what point will he finally give up and stop looking for his lifelong sidekick? It’s a melancholy circumstance that, unfortunately, cannot be alleviated by anything but time.

We hope Max can get along without Katie and we pray that he finds comfort in the loving kindness that his owners provide to him during this sorrowful time.

To see more about Max and his time of grief, watch the video, below.


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