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Grocery Store Customers See Checkout Line Moving Incredibly Slowly. When They Read The Sign, They're At A Loss For Words

January 05, 2018

Some love it, some hate it. It’s the task of making a grocery run. Depending on the time of day you venture out, it can be a gigantic headache. The parking lot is packed, items are picked over, and people are shopping about in every direction you turn. It’s not an easy place in which to maneuver, especially if you’re in a bit of a rush. And that’s not even the worst of it. After you’ve gathered everything on your list, you make your way to the registers.

The moment you round the corner, your frustration builds when you see the registers standing full of customers. One line, in particular, is moving a great deal more slowly than the rest. Disgruntled customers begin to huff and mutter complaints under their breath. This scenario happens at grocery stores all over the globe.

At a Tesco Supermarket in Scotland, customers experienced this and, as their frustrations built, they happened to catch a glimpse of a sign posted on a register. Their mood changed at the drop of a hat because it all made sense. The employees of this particular store happened to notice that a great deal of the customers that frequented their store seemed to need a little extra time when checking out. These reasons ranged from Alzheimer's, dementia, frazzled mothers with small children, the autistic, and individuals with social anxiety.

They knew they had to do something to make the grocery store experience simpler and more enjoyable for them. The creation of the “relaxed checkout lane” was born shortly thereafter. Two days a week, specially trained workers place a sign on the end of their checkout lane. This sign states:

“Feel free to take as long as you need to go through this checkout today. Please be aware that you may experience a wait to complete your transaction.”

Not only does it help the customers needing a little slower pace, but it also shows the incredible heart of the Tesco employees. Check out the video, below, to see more about this brilliant idea!

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