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Grouchy Old Man Can’t Stand His New Neighbors. But When He Sees Them Struggling, He Takes Action In A Unique Way

December 12, 2017

One day, a man is sleeping peacefully in his reading chair. All of a sudden, he hears the backup sirens of a moving truck. He immediately wakes up and peers out the window, only to see his worst nightmare - new neighbors.

The man who has been a resident of his home for many decades is immediately resentful of his new neighbors. Just the site of a young new family moving in is enough to make him huff and puff around the house.

A couple days go by but his annoyance only grows. Then, out of nowhere, something happens that changes his attitude. The man hears a commotion outside and looks out to see what’s going on. The young mom who’s just moved in is sitting on the ground over a pile of broken glass; her son has just broken the family coffee pot.

The man can tell she’s feeling defeated. Then, something remarkable comes over him - something that even he can’t quite understand. The man is suddenly standing in front of brand new coffee makers at the store. Is his heart being softened? The man brings his purchase home and unboxes the new coffee pot. He carries it down to the basement where he begins to distress the brand new coffee pot. What he does next is quite fascinating!

He waits for a moment when the mom and her son are outside; then he walks outside with the new coffee pot and pretends to throw it away. Instead of throwing it away, however, he walks over to the distressed mom and offers it as a gift. She is so very grateful for this new coffee pot, and he makes sure to not let her see his soft exterior.

The next day, he hears a crying baby coming from the same house. Frustrated, he looks through his window only to see the young father trying to fan the newborn baby with a large piece of cardboard. Once again, he feels his heart soften!!

This time he orders a brand new fan, but of course, he can’t appear to be compassionate, so once again he tries to make the fan appear as junk, so he pulls it through some dusty shelves. Then he walks over and delivers the “dusty old fan” pretending to pawn it off as junk. Of course, the young dad is so thankful to have a fan for the baby.

While the old man thinks that his soft heart hasn’t been noticed, one very special someone has been paying extra attention to the old man. The little boy of the family has noticed the good deeds of the old man so he decides to say thank you, but of course, he makes sure to be inconspicuous about it.

The little boy sneaks some Christmas cookies and milk that he has been saving for Santa and delivers them to the front porch of his elderly neighbor. He knocks on the door and runs, something that he knows the old man is sure to despise. The old man opens the door and looks around but sees no one and of course, he is annoyed. When he looks down to see cookies and milk, however, he smiles the sweetest smile.

Sounds as though the Christmas spirit has touched everyone in this story! Check the full video, below, to see this heartwarming Christmas commercial by Farmers!

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