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Gruff Mechanic Gets The Shock Of A Lifetime From Powerful Pressure Washer. The Hysterical Footage Will Leave You Rolling In Laughter

March 01, 2018

Ahhh the pressure washer. Since its introduction as a powerful cleaning tool, the pressure washer’s power has proven to be understated and thus, time and time again leaves people in shock after one use. Simply put, the pressure washer is not a tool to be taken lightly.

This man learned the hard way. After being warned of the pressure washer’s powerful kickback, he was fully convinced that was being made a fool. “Surely, I am stronger than some silly hose!” He thought. Little did he know what was coming his way…

As he proudly carried the pressure washer outside, his colleagues started recording his experience. They couldn’t help but laugh knowing that their friend was highly mistaking the force of the pressure washer.

The gruff mechanic threw walked out with a full-fledged attitude. He was about to show everyone that he wasn’t going to be made a fool with some “dinky garden hose.”

Well, was he in for a surprise of a lifetime!

As soon as the hose was one, he arms immediately felt the kickback of the pressure washer! He turned it off instantly and began yelling at his coworkers for filming him. After he got a better grip on the hose (as if that would make any difference), he turned it back on.

The mechanic was thrown back by the shocking strong force of the pressure washer! He was completely confused, angry, and weakened by the “dinky garden hose.”

The footage of this mechanics attempts at wrangling a pressure washer is seriously hysterical! Check out the footage below! Do you know someone whose mistaken the power of a pressure washer! Let us know in the comments!


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