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Gunnar’s Owner Got A Calendar Featuring His Twin. When He Gets A Look At The Curious Thing, His Reaction Is The Cutest Thing Around

March 02, 2018

When Gunnar’s owner brought home a Husky calendar, they quickly realized that one of the pups looked a lot like him! They put it up on the fridge though, and thought nothing of it - until Gunnar got a look at it! When he spotted his doggy doppelgänger hanging on the fridge, you can see the curiosity on his face as he studies it.

As he tries to figure out the odd resemblance, he even takes a seat, copying the pose of the photographed pup! Clearly, Gunnar is trying to figure out what this unusual thing is and why it looks just like him. He’s not quite sure about the photograph, but he’s going to keep checking it out, just in case. Maybe it's there to steal his family or maybe it's just there to tell him a secret? Either way, it's clear that this photograph is there for some great reason!

When the dog in the calendar doesn’t react to him, Gunnar sinks down to lie on the hard wooden floor, his eyes never leaving the photograph. Even though it’s just a photograph, he’s sure that there’s something magical about it and he refuses to take his eyes off it until he figures it out.