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Hamlet Isn't Just Your Normal Pig. She's an Instagram Star, And Her Mother's Savior Too

August 17, 2017

Pigs are amazing creatures capable for sincere emotions and advanced intelligence. They are curious and playful animals, who truly come to love people. Their loving behavior has begun to help people see just how amazing of a pet they can be.

Hamlet is a very special pig who belongs to Melanie Gomez from Los Angeles, California. Hamlet is a female pig who is spoiled rotten by her owner and is living an amazing life. Hamlet was born on January 20, 2014, and first met her new family on March 19 2014. Since then, she’s become a majorly important part of Melanie’s life. 

In college, Melanie was diagnosed with Epilepsy. She suffered multiple seizures a day and it really affected how she did her day to day errands. It was very hard on Melanie to adjust to the Epilepsy and how difficult it made her life. Immediately after getting married, she began to suffer more and more seizures. After her wedding, she could sometimes suffer up to ten seizures every day.  

When her loving husband saw how hard it was becoming for her, he wanted to get her a pet. Something to offer her that loving companionship that one can only get from a pet. The problem is though, that he was allergic to most animals! So, when Melanie found video of a piglet playing with a puppy he knew he had found the pet for her.

Just by being there for her, Hamlet has helped Melanie come to terms with how beautiful life can be, even at it’s fragile moments. Melanie decided to start an Instagram account to share all the photographs of Hamlet so that everyone could get to know this adorable little piggy in the hopes that they too could love her quirky personality.

Melanie and Hamlet have been on many adventures together, including a trip to New York City. Because of Hamlet, Melanie has also taken up photography! 

Hamlet’s Instagram account has over 300,000 followers who have been lucky enough to see 1,675 adorable photos of this captivating pig. For Melanie though, it doesn’t matter how many Instagram followers she has, because she is lucky enough to have Hamlet by her side all the time.

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