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Handicap Calf Left Without A Home After Owner Suddenly Passes Away. After Being Forgotten About, One Woman Remembers Her Just Moments Before It’s Too Late

March 19, 2018

Meet Betsy! Betsy was left to fend for herself after her owner suddenly passed away. Handicap and unable to survive on her own, neighbors took it upon herself to the care for Betsy. At first, they planned to only watch after her for a couple weeks... but Betsy had something special that caused them to change their minds for the better.

When Betsy was born, she got stuck halfway out of the birth canal. Her owners had to pull her out in order to give her any chance at life, but unfortunately, they pulled with too much force. The tissue and ligaments in her knees were torn and she developed a permanent handicap in her legs.

Betsy’s handicap required several people’s assistance. Sadly, only a couple weeks after the day she was born, her owner who cared for her passed away. The loss took a toll on many, including Betsy. Her care was neglected and she was forgotten about in the midst of her owner's loss. 

The original owner’s neighbor, Shawn, decided that she would care for the calf, at least for a couple weeks, until someone else could take care of her.

Shawna cared for Betsy and after caring so intimately for her, Shawn quickly in love with Betsy. Betsy was sweet, cuddly, and surprisingly well behaved. She got along tremendously with Shawna’s dogs! Shawn realized that she was falling for Betsy and that more than likely, she would become a permanent family member.

Betsy played with the family dogs all day. They even cuddled with each other! At 300 pounds, Betsy really believed that she was one of the dogs!

Running around all day, Betsy played as if her handicap didn’t even exist! Even though she had to take medication for her pain, Shawn believed that the joy that Betsy felt from playing with the dogs made her forget about her pain.

Check out the video below! Seeing Betsy run around with the family dogs is one of the most adorable things. Do you think Betsy spending her days with the dogs makes her forget about her pain?

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