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Harlow, Indiana, And Reese Are The Best Of Friends. These Three Cuddle-Buddies Are Truly Adorable To See

November 08, 2017

Harlow, Indiana, and Reese are three of the best friends you’ll ever see. These adorable dogs love to relax together, and their good looks are sure to win your heart over! Harlow, Indiana, and Reese are perfect friends, and they do absolutely everything together! Harlow is the gorgeous Weimaraner, and Indiana and Reese are the stunning Dachshunds.

Of the three, Harlow was the first addition to their family where she was close friends with the family’s other dog, Sage. When Sage passed away from old age, Harlow mourned the loss of her close friend. As time passed, the family decided that it was time to welcome a new pup into the family.

Harlow was very selective about her new sibling, but it wasn’t long before she fell head-over-heels for a brown-and-red Dachshund named Indiana Thunderbolt. The two formed a strong bond, and were soon inseparable! The goofballs love to race around, playing fetch and tug-o-war!

A year after Indiana joined the family, an adorable black, tan, and white Dachshund puppy quickly weaseled her way into the family. Reese Lightning was the missing piece of the puzzle, and the three of them bonded like they were litter-mates! Reese loves to wrestle with Indiana, and then run to hide between the paws of her big sister, Harlow.

These three pups love to cuddle up together after a long day of playing, and seeing the three of them together is enough to make even the hardest day better. When the three of them snuggle up together, they form a tangle of long ears, paws, and cute noses! It’s safe to say the world is a better place for having these good-looking dogs in it.

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