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Harry And Meghan 'Manhandled' By '2 Aggressive Males' In Dublin Crowd, But It’s Not Exactly What You Think...

July 11, 2018

The Duchess of Sussex, better known as Meghan Markle, is charming her way across the Emerald Isle, getting up-close-and-personal with anyone and everyone who wants a piece of her or her husband Prince Harry.

From the moment she stepped off the airplane at Dublin City airport on Tuesday, wearing the stunning emerald green sheath dress, Meghan’s been wow-ing everyone who crosses her path.


But sometimes having such immense popularity can leave one vulnerable to unwanted advances from individuals who feel as though they know the celebrity personally, and want to make contact with them as they would with a friend.

That's exactly what happened to Prince Harry and his bride on their second day in Dublin, Ireland.

On the duo’s second day in the Republic of Ireland, the Royal couple went a bit more casual, as Harry went ’sans cravat’ and Meghan donned her signature slacks.

The newlyweds looked thrilled to be in the country - and with one another - and their enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone in the crowd as they walked around shaking hands and making small talk.

But there were a couple of fans who got a bit out of hand when they got a little too close to the Royal Couple. But from the Duke and Duchess' reaction, the strangers seem to have been given a temporary exemption from the royal protocol that strictly forbids touching a member of royalty.

The Daily Mail explains it this way. “Cheeky four-year-old Dylan Mahon decided there was only one way to welcome British royalty to Dublin - by pulling Harry's beard."

The Duke of Sussex doesn't seem too bothered by the unprovoked 'assault' to his royal facial hair, and he characteristically mugs for the little boy - and the crowd - in typical 'Harry the Clown' fashion.

But Prince Harry wasn't the only Royal to be manhandled that day. His wife Meghan also got a sneak peek at parenthood from another little tyke in the crowd.

"And three-year-old Walter Cullen was gently reprimanded by Harry as he tugged Meghan's hair while she looked the other way." Then, as she turned toward the source of the unexpected overture, the Duchess broke into a huge grin while allowing little Walter to caress her face.

“The playful exchanges at the historic Croke Park stadium came ahead of a walkabout at Trinity College, where Meghan told one fan that Dublin was her 'favourite city.’”

It's clear from these images that the royal lovebirds are going to be fantastic parents - the way they gravitate toward kids and how the little ones respond in kind - they are both naturals. We can hardly wait until the Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcome their first little prince or princess!

We’re certain that once Harry and Meghan are back on the plane heading home, they will have left behind them a lasting impression of charm, kindness, class, and above all kindness. And the citizens of Dublin will not soon forget their time with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

To catch up with Harry and Meghan and some of the people and places they visited on their two-day trip to Ireland, watch the video, below,


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