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Harry And Meghan’s Kids Will Be Set Apart From William And Kate's - And There's Nothing They Can Do About It

August 01, 2018

Although we don't know WHEN it will happen, we do already know a thing or two about Harry and Meghan's future children. And what we learned recently demonstrates just how different things will be for their kids - at least when compared to William and Kate's.

Yes, they will be royal cousins, and yes, they will have the same heritage, but one thing will set them apart and there's nothing Harry and Meghan can do to change it.

We all know that members of the Royal Family don’t have a last name. Well, that’s not technically correct. Queen Elizabeth’s immediate family does have a last name, but very few people are aware of what it is.

That’s because last names are usually not necessary when referring to Royalty - they have other distinguishing monikers that do the job.

All you have to do is call them by their official titles such as 'His Royal Highness, Prince George' and there is no need to add anything else; EVERYONE will know to whom you are referring.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule, however, and Royals have adapted to the changing times - albeit somewhat reluctantly - in spite of centuries of tradition.

One of the most notable cases in which a last name was used by a Royal is when Phillip married Princess Elizabeth in 1947. At the time, he insisted that their children take his last name - 'Mountbatten'. But as a result of some parliamentary wrangling, the couple settled on the hyphenated version: 'Mountbatten-Windsor'.

The children of Prince Charles do not have such a last name so once it came time for the boys to go to school, it was necessary for them to start going by 'William Wales' and 'Harry Wales' since Prince Charles is also the Prince of Wales.

When William married Kate Middleton in 2011, he received his own title, the Duke of Cambridge. From that point forward, his children would be known by the last name of 'Cambridge', for the purpose of school, college, and the military. It just simplifies life for everyone.

I think you see where this is headed. Harry was given his own title when he wed Meghan Markle in May, and the Queen bestowed upon him a title of his very own. So, once his and Meghan’s kiddies start arriving, they'll be known by the last name of 'Sussex'.

Normally, cousins whose fathers are brothers end up having the same last name, but in the case of the Royal Family, it is a little more complicated. Thank goodness they ‘have a rule for that’ and the children will have proper surnames.

And even though the cousins won’t share a last name, they WILL share a few other awesome things: they’ll all be princes, princesses, and Your Royal Highnesses; they get to live in palaces, and one thing that none of them is likely to complain about: they share a great-grandmother who just so happens to be the Queen!!

You can’t do much better than that!!

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