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Prince Harry Drops Baby Secret To Well-Meaning Fan - And It's The Biggest Hint We've Had So Far

July 12, 2018

During the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex’s two-day whirlwind tour of Ireland, the couple has faced a number of questions, some extremely personal. When one fan revealed that she missed Meghan on the Duchess’ former TV show, ‘Suits’ the new royal bride responded with a wistful, “So do I.”

Now, it was Prince Harry’s turn on the hot seat when an overzealous admirer mentioned babies - in a casual comment to the Duke of Sussex. His telling response merely highlights the growing impatience the world seems to have with the royal couple and their ‘failure’ to announce the impending birth of a new prince or princess.

Granted, the pair has been married only a few months, but from all outward appearances, the couple seemed headed in the baby-making direction right out of the gates.

Since Meghan is almost 37 years old (her birthday is August 4th) many experts would advise them to not wait too long to start their family. And apparently, the experts aren't the only ones espousing that sage advice.

As the couple greeted fans in Dublin, one enthusiastic supporter gave the couple a bit of unsolicited advice in that department and Prince Harry gave a typically candid and humor-laced response.

According to People, when mother-of-five Elaine Adam-Stewart had the chance to say a few words to the handsome prince, she pulled no punches in sharing her feelings about royal babies and pointed out some startling similarities between her family and his.

Adam-Stewart, 43, told Harry, “My husband also has red hair and he gave me five children — when are you and Meghan going to get going?” Taken aback by the woman's boldness, the Prince quickly regained his composure and responded in the only way you would expect him to - brushing it off with a snarky remark.

Adam-Stewart tells PEOPLE. “He laughed and said ‘five children? — too many.’” Would you have expected anything less from our favorite red-headed royal?

Well, thanks to Mrs. Adam-Stewart’s boldness, we now we can narrow down the number of future princes and princess for Harry and Meghan, but we still don’t have the answer to the question we really want answered: Just when is this all going to begin?

Only Harry and Meghan have the answer to that question - but, who knows? They could already be expecting a little bundle but just haven’t announced it yet. Either way, we just have to remain patient and trust that the happy news will be revealed by the Palace in due time…Rats!!


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