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Prince Harry Boldly Shames Camilla For Crossing The Line! After Years Of Silence, He Finally Cracks And His Confession Is More Than Anyone Ever Expected

May 29, 2018

The newly crowned Duke and Duchess of Sussex delighted the world in their first ever official appearance as they celebrated Prince Charles’ 70th birthday at the Buckingham Garden Party. As the couple beamed with pride during their debut, they honored Prince Charles and his royal efforts over the years. The crowd roared in excited for the both the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

While the four royals looked rather cheerful and picturesque, it appears reality couldn’t have been further from the truth.

In New Idea, one sensationalist writer spilled the beans on the reality of the dynamics between the newlyweds and their parents and let’s just say- it’s not pretty.

The original publication claims that the two royal wives went head-to-head just days before the wedding. Reportedly, Charles and Camilla had been asking Harry to reconsider marrying the American actress.

New Idea reports that “Meghan had smiled and turned the other cheek as Charles and Camilla desperately tried to break her and Harry up and stop the wedding… But they targeted the wrong person!”

Meghan, who is known for her outspokenness, confronted Camilla and requested that Harry “shun her” and to not let her energy affect the big day. During the wedding, Camilla seemed less than thrilled to be at.

Just one day after the royal nuptials, Charles, Camilla, Harry, and Meghan met to discuss the order of events for Charles’ birthday celebration. Camilla had suggested that “Meghan be in the background during the event as to not steal the spotlight from Charles- the real guest of honor.”

According to the New Idea, that’s when Harry lost it! The insider reveals that the prince screamed as his step-mother and ordered her to “Leave Meghan alone.”

During the event, the couples seemed to get along perfectly; even Camilla and Meghan were seen laughing and kissing before the event was over. We hope that the newlyweds can find common ground with Camilla and Charles, as this is just the beginning of a very public life for Prince Harry and Meghan.


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