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Amid Rampant Rumors And Turmoil In The Palace, Meghan And Harry Make One Final Attempt To Make Amends In A Very Unlikely Way

April 23, 2019

If you’ve heard anything about the royal family, it’s one of two things: it’s either pertaining to the impending birth of Harry and Meghan’s first child or it’s about the neverending feud between the Sussexes and the Cambridges.


As of now, surprisingly, the latter has been more rampant than ever.

At each and every event, paparazzi and news outlets carefully survey William and Harry’s interactions with one another. They do the same with Meghan and Kate, all the while carefully taking note of how much the do or don’t talk, smile, and gleefully get along with the other.


What many people fail to realize is that the foursome has been doing their due diligence in keeping their working relationship extremely professional. While they’re always going to be family first and friends second, their appearance in the eye of the public weighs a great deal and their all too careful to ensure they are keeping professionalism at the forefront.


Fans and critics alike are all too keen to sit back and watch, just waiting and hoping that there will be some catastrophic fallout between the brothers and their wives. Some might enjoy it simply because they’re fueled by neverending drama. Others might do so in hopes of seeing the monarchy come apart at the seams.


No matter the cause, both families are doing an excellent job in keeping all appearances up and positive. Meghan and Harry proved that just recently, sending shockwaves throughout the internet.

On April 23, William and Kate’s youngest child, Prince Louis, celebrated his first birthday, and what a joyous occasion it must have been! Fans poured in with their birthday wishes and blessings, thrilled beyond belief at the adorable birthday image Kensington Palace chose to share with the world.


What surprised people most, though, was Harry and Meghan’s response. As we all know, the Sussex family has branched off and started their very own social media platforms. Many have been led to believe that Meghan is the one behind the accounts.

Not long after Kensington Palace posted the celebratory birthday portrait of little Prince Louis, Meghan and Harry left a comment on the photo. “Happy Birthday Louis! Sending lots of love from both of us.”


This sent the people of the internet in a spiral. Many were shocked to even see a comment left in the first place, much less a sweet, endearing on such as this. It just goes to show that not everything is always as it appears. For all we know, the families are happier than ever and have adjusted well to the changes Meghan has brought to the family dynamics.

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