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Prince Harry Mourns The Loss Of His Mother- Princess Di- All Over Again After Meeting His Son; His Words Leaving Us All Devastated

May 10, 2019

The joys of the newest royal baby have Prince Harry feeling a lot of emotions.

On May 6th, 2019, Prince Harry’s world changed forever. The former party boy welcomed his first child, a son, with his lovely wife, Meghan Markle.

When Prince Harry first announced the arrival of his son, Archie, he was giddy with emotional. It was clear that he and Meghan were thrilled, but some royal fans couldn’t help but wonder if Harry was missing one very significant woman in his life: Princess Diana.

Princess Diana and Harry were always known as a close pair, and when she died tragically in 1997, Harry mourned her loss deeply and privately. And after years of navigating the stages of grief, Harry met Meghan and fell in love.

Millions of royal fans watched as Prince Harry began to come alive with the love of his bride; for the first time in years, they were seeing a tender-loving and joyful prince again. Their first year of marriage was extraordinary, and to top it all off, they welcomed their first child, Archie, on May 6th, 2019, just 12 days before their first anniversary.

Harry was smitten, giddy, and overwhelmed with love. He was truly living his best life with the greatest loves of his life beside him. But one person was missing, and they couldn’t help but be ignored: Princess Diana.

Just two days after little Archie was debuted to the world, Harry made a visit to The Hague for next year’s Invictus Games. While there, he met with a soon-to-be and former vet whose mental health had suffered. Dennis van der Stroon, 31, also lost his mother; the addition of losing a mother and welcoming a baby was something that Harry was in the thick of, so he began to offer some words of wisdom.

Harry shared with Dennis that “missing a mother is like missing some kind of security, how you need that as a son and it falls away when you lose your mother.” Harry’s vulnerability showed Dennis that he was not alone, and it was important that Harry shares the genuine pain of losing a parent while offering a should lean on.

We miss Diana every day and pray for Harry and his new family as they navigate their first season of parenthood. We wish Diana were here, but we know she is proud of her son!

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