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Harry, Watson, And Kiko Are Three Siblings That Have The Cutest Relationship We’ve Ever Seen

November 17, 2017

Harry, Watson, and Kiko are the best of friends. Watson is a cream-colored Golden Retriever, Kiko is a Golden Retriever, and Harry is a gray-and-black Tabby Cat! These three are the cutest siblings we’ve ever seen, and they always know just how to get the perfect picture!

Harry loves to wedge himself between Watson and Kiko when they all lie down for a nap, taking advantage of the warmth that the two sweet Golden Retrievers provide! This definitely makes for the perfect napping position as it keeps Harry warm, and the two pups get lulled to sleep by Harry’s gentle purring. It also happens to be extremely cute.

When they aren’t napping, they love to frolic together. From playing games of tag or stealing each other’s toys and treats, there’s never a dull moment when these three are together. Harry firmly believes that it is his job to keep his siblings clean, especially if they’re all going to be cuddling up together, and he takes that job seriously.

When Harry isn’t lounging all over his siblings, he can be found tearing through the house. He loves to throw his favorite toy high in the air and grab it before it hits the ground. Of course, he also enjoys curling up for a nap in the warm sunlight that comes through the windows.

When Watson and Kiko aren’t playing with their feline sibling, they love to go on long hikes in the wilderness! If there’s water near the trail, that only makes it better, and the two playful pups will rush into the stream or lake and make quite a mess of themselves. They also love to chase tennis balls whenever they get the chance, and always take turns on who gets to bring it back.

While Watson, Kiko, and Harry may be truly adorable on their own, they become so much cuter when they get together! These three siblings are definitely meant to be a part of each other's lives, and we’re so glad that their owner shares the amazing photos online for all of us to see. I hope they brought a smile to your face, just as they did ours!

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