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Have A Big Cat And Amazon Prime? We Can Tell You What To Do With Those Big Boxes

February 13, 2018

Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida is a rescue that takes in exotic cats who find themselves in horrible situations. Most of their residents once belonged to private owners, zoos, or roadside shows that were shut down or could not give the ferocious felines the care they needed.

They decided to use their jungle cats to answer a question that plagued the internet for quite a while. While house cats absolutely love to play, hide, and sleep in boxes of all sizes, people wondered if large cats would have the same fascination!

To make sure that they did an accurate test, they decided to use several different types of cats - Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Cougars, and even some smaller cats like Bobcats and Lynx. When the cats went into their feeding areas and were safely secured to eat, zookeepers entered their cages and put out boxes.

When the cats were released back into their enclosures, the felines wasted no time checking out the boxes! The began to sniff them curiously before climbing inside.

All of the playful cats were in love with the big boxes! They pounced and jumped, chewing on the boxes and rubbing all over them, too. The Jaguars and Mountain Lions seemed to love the boxes the most out of all the cats though.

It was definitely a resounding success when the cats were introduced to the boxes, and we can safely now say that big cats love boxes just as much as small cats! That’s one question answered!