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Have You Ever Wondered About The Food You're Served On A Plane? After Hearing This, You’ll Never Want It Again

April 17, 2018

One of the best things about traveling is the food; you can experience a wide variety of food from other cultures that you don’t have the luxury of having in your own hometown. However, there is one type of food that you should always steer clear of when you’re traveling.

Regardless of where you’re going or how long you’ll be gone, one thing is for sure: never eat airplane food. If you’re someone who already foregoes airplane food, then good for you-you made a wise decision! But if you’re like me and tend to go the snacks and meals provided in-flight, you might want to reconsider.

Food served on airplanes is an absolute amenity. Who would have ever imagined that you and 300 other human beings could be flying in a massive machine through the clouds at 850 miles per hour, all the while enjoying a warm meal? To say we’ve come a long way is a vast understatement. However, that warm meal is never what you think it is…

One airline's attendant, Shreyas, on Quora has come clean about airplane food, and it’s not encouraging in the slightest. She shared that all prepared foods are “very unhealthy.” Even vegan options!

Shreyas shared, “The food on your tray is prepared in the aircraft catering, which is often done 12 hours before. Sometimes, it’s even done days before the aircraft makes its departure.” Many of the items made available to passengers, especially breakfast items, are loaded with questionable ingredients and additives used to preserve the food for several days.

Have you ever had eggs on a flight? Or fruit? If you think it tasted a little “off,” don’t worry- you weren’t imagining it. In-flight eggs and fruit have tons of substitutes and additives to make them appear “fresh.”

If you’ve sensed the additives in the food before and opted for a beverage instead, all we can say is make sure that beverage is coming from a can or sealed container. That means no in-flight coffee or tea. While coffee sounds delicious, especially if you’re on an early or late flight, it’s made with water that comes from the tap on the plane. Tragically, an EPA study found that “one in every eight planes fails the agency’s standards for water safety.” That means you’re drinking coffee made with unsanitary water!

While we know this is unfortunate news, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Make sure that if you’ve got a long flight ahead, pack some snacks and sealed drinks! And like they always say, absence makes the heart grow fonder! You might be a little hungry on the plane but you’ll get a chance soon enough to enjoy some delicious and fresh food once you arrive at your destination!


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