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The One Reg Flag That Prince Harry Objected To When He Met Meghan Markle Is Now The One Thing He Has To Live With For The Rest Of His Life

July 05, 2018

When Harry and Meghan met, it was love at first sight. Well, at least that’s what the couple’s post-engagement interview led fans to believe. As it turns out it, there was one thing that didn’t quite sit well with Harry.

After being set up on a blind date in London, the couple chatted over dinner and discussed their hopes and dreams. After several hours of talking, the quickly realized that they had been chatting into the early hours of the morning. After getting their schedules out, they quickly devised a plan to see each other soon.

Before they knew it, they were jet-setting across the sea to visit one other; a quick trip to England or Canada was the new normal! After only a couple weeks, the couple realized that their relationship was quickly developing. But there was just one thing…

As their relationship grew, the pair began being more candid with one another as opposed to formal. Harry even gave Meghan a nickname, one that all her closest and friends already called: Meg. The name stuck and he’s called her “Meg” since then. Meghan too, gave a Harry a nickname, although, he wasn’t a fan of it- not even a little bit.

While Meghan was known to refer to Harry has “My prince” during their swanky wedding reception, one of her pals shares that she also called him “Hazza.”

While “Hazza” isn’t necessarily short for “Harry,” it’s still a nickname that he’s had experience with. Several people including his brother, Prince William, call him “Hazza.” And while he never liked it much, after weeks of Meghan using it candidly, he finally started to be okay with it!

The same source shares that Harry actually loves the nickname “Hazza” now! Isn’t it funny how the ones you love can have such an influence on you!


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