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Prince Harry’s Crossed A Line By Planning Something Quite Unconventional For His Royal Wedding

December 07, 2017

Prince Harry, known for his wilder days, has finally decided to settle down with American actress Meghan Markle! The couple is said to wed in the springtime of 2018 but, until then, the world will eagerly await their big day.

So far, the couple has been pretty reserved. The pair met in July of 2016 and succeeded in keeping their romance under wraps for a mere three months. With Meghan working as an actress in America and Prince Harry residing in England, the two still managed to develop a beautiful relationship.

The budding romance progressed with very little drama. In fact, it was quite a change of pace for The Prince since he had been featured in several tabloids in the years before. Prince Harry was known as “The Wild Child” and loved to live life to the fullest - a trait he inherited from his beloved mother.

After nearly a year-and-a-half of dating long distance and receiving good press, Prince Harry popped the question to his darling girlfriend. Of course, there wasn’t any hesitation on Meghan's part; in fact, she interrupted him several times saying, “Can I say yes now?!” After that point, the engagement has carried on pretty much as expected, with very little surprise in the mix! In fact, Harry’s grandmother, The Queen, even offered to have the Royal Wedding at her residence, The Windsor Castle! But recently, the Prince said something that’s caught some people off guard.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are making a very surprising request for their wedding: a banana cake! Never in Royal history has a banana-flavored cake been served for a wedding! Let alone for a prince!! Apparently, Prince Harry LOVES banana-flavored anything and it’s the only real request he's made for the wedding!

So far, royal officials are resisting the banana-flavored cake idea, since it’s so unorthodox. The standard Royal wedding cake is typically fruitcake because it will stay fresh the longest, and the couple can eat it for their first child’s christening. What do you think? Should he have what he wants? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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