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Heart-Stopping Footage Of An Oil Rig In A Hurricane Will Show You How Violent The Ocean Can Truly Be

March 06, 2018

There’s nothing more insane to watch than the true power of the ocean as she swirls and thunders, reminding everyone that she controls it all. The power held within the ocean depths can sink ships or bring life to people in the form of fish and food to eat. Whenever we seem to forget how powerful the Ocean can be, she sends us a reminder to heed her word.

On a North Sea Oil Rig, the Borgholm Dolphin, life can be harsh but worth it. When a strong storm swept across Scotland and began to blow through the North Sea, the workers on the Borgholm Dolphin took heed, knowing they were in for some seas ahead. They didn’t know just how bad it was going to be. The ocean tossed the giant oil rig around like it was nothing more than a child’s bath toy.

During the two day long storm, the sea battered the rig, sending it to and fro among the ocean waves. While they are used to strong storms out there in the Ocean, this one was unusually strong, and watching the footage is sure to remind all of us to respect the ocean, no matter what the weather is like.