These 10 Hedgehogs Are Sure To Leave You Smiling

October 06, 2017

Hedgehogs, or Hedgies, are some of the most beloved exotic pets around in today’s day and age, and it’s easy to see why. With their tiny button noses and little eyes, it’s hard not to fall for them! Their spikey backs only make them so much more endearing!

Hedgehogs’ adorable little faces are a great way to make your day 100x better, no matter how good it may have been to start with. That’s why we’ve found the Top 10 Cutest Hedgehogs and shared them here for you!

This sweet hedgie who loves his straw hat!

This curious hedgehog who loves to explore!

This hedgehog who absolutely loves fall!

This hedgehog whose love for Candy Corn knows no bounds!

This brave hedgehog who loves to practice tricks!

This hedgie who was disappointed to find out they’re not real apples

This mischievous hedgehog whose owner can’t put him down or he’ll wreak havoc

This tired hedgehog who didn’t want to wake up for photographs!

This lovable hedgie who loves to relax in his owner’s hands

This photogenic Hedgehog who has never taken a bad photo in his life!

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