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Helpless Dolphin Lies Stranded On Shore After Florida Hurricane. When 8 Strangers Unite To Save The Dolphin’s Life, A Miracle Rescue Takes Place

November 07, 2017

It’s no secret that we’ve had quite a hurricane season this last year. We’ve seen so much destruction and damage from hurricanes, and it’s truly heartbreaking. When our own environment is getting destroyed, we often fail to think about how the storms affect marine life. Many times, marine life is carried up to shore during and after a hurricane, leaving helpless creatures and animals stranded. Unfortunately, those animals don’t always survive. Every once in awhile, however, you hear of animals that are washed up and beached, that do have a chance of survival.

On Marco Island, a beach in Florida, one dolphin was stranded after Hurricane Irma struck the state. While the damage to the main roads in Marco Island was minimal, the beach was the site of hundreds of stranded marine creatures. With hundreds of crustaceans, fish, and even dolphins upon the shore, townspeople immediately went into action to rescue the washed-up marine life.

One day, during a storm-search along the shoreline, people saw a dolphin washed up and limp on the sand. They immediately ran over to the dolphin and called for anyone and everyone that was able to help. They quickly realized that this was a life-or-death situation.

The Good Samaritans could tell that the dolphin had been stranded for only a short amount of time since it still had water on it. First, they rushed to the water and filled a bucket. They quickly poured it over the dolphin in hopes of reviving it. Next, a team of strangers gathered around the dolphin in an attempt to carry it back out to see.

Eight grown men surrounded the dolphin and lifted it with ease. Inch-by-inch, they carried the dolphin out toward the water. Since hurricane season was still in full-swing, the surge was rough and splashed dangerously near the men. Just as they were making their way out into the water, a big wave splashed against them, causing the dolphin to be swept out of the men’s hands.

The men tried to surround the dolphin but, unfortunately, the heavy waves crashed against the poor dolphin and carried it back towards the shore. The men worked tirelessly to get the dolphin out in the right direction and, finally, one perfect wave came behind the dolphin and carried it out to sea.

And just like that, the dolphin was back in the water and heading toward home! Each of the men watched in amazement as the dolphin made it’s way out to sea, realizing they had just played a monumental role in this dolphin’s life. We are so thankful for this incredible group of people, for they are truly heroes.

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